Sunday, September 26, 2010

Word 6 : Fucker Narturn

Oh hiiezx Chee bongers !
I have to use my fans' favourite word in order show my appreciation loh ! (=
Yep!  Today's word is unique de lorhzx.

So, I guess you all know whats fucker, but not Narturn right?!
Narturn is from the word 'Nathan' loh. you know nehh-turn? Wo men de president lah !
Or rather Angsheena's half president ? Or 1/3 president?! aiyah!!!
But the narturn is not to insult our precious ah nek.
I use NARTURN to put our president high up, and not letting foreign get their ways loh..

No examples leh, cause its just use anytime and anytime !
But it is recommended to use on foreigner loh ! (=
Oh, not on jialing oh!! Cause jialing is wo de baobei ! ^^

Okay lah, so the meaning of the word is like insult loh. (=
AIYAH, laoniang very lazy explain give you all hear lah! Just use it la !
But don't ngeh ngeh use okay, you can use other words too ! (=
Good luck , fucker narthans ! Oops ! (:

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