Sunday, September 26, 2010

Technique 6 : How to get your ice-cream everyday and not letting uncle run away?

Hii yeah?! Last friday, that chiam ciap and du lan Chen "treat" us pizza.
Some guai lan greedy dogs, eat 2 slice,
didn't even ask if everyone eat already anot lorhzx.
Stupid cheebongs, until my jia ling no eat. Ka ni na buss.
In ANGSHEENA's dictionary, all this people should just go to hell manzx.
No worries okay jia ling, I will create a technique for you, next time ni ke yi use okay?!

After that thing that piss me off, we went out of the school asap loh.
Sibei guai lan sia ! Make laoniang buey song. Spoil lao niang eh wonderful mood. Pui !
Anyway! Saw uncle sitting outside school chatting.
Paiseh loh, I thought uncle leaving ma, then i ganchoing =)

Wa, uncle see us come out so happy norhzx!
No cat high dogs people snatch with us, so we happily happily chat with uncle loh ~
We complain that uncle yesterday no come, then we all very sad )=
But uncle say yesterday (thursday) raining ma, thats why loh.

So, in order to get our ice-cream everyday, we tell him our time table loh!
Mon - Wed 1.40pm, Thursday 1.10pm, Friday 1.240pm
HAHA ! I repeated alot of times, I know I sibei naggy la, BUT.. I LIKE !~
I think uncle knowS what I talking (=

Word of wisdom : Share your everything if you want to get anything.

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