Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Word 1 : Lan Jiao

I know you all know what this word means, but in ANGSHEENA'S 101 dictionary,
it is a meaning of :
full of dislike or irritated. It can be use when someone aggitates you.

Lets look at some examples.

Ben: Eh, sheena!

Sheena: Simi lanqiaozxz ?!

Notice any difference with the origin?! Yes ! My lanjiao is pronounced as LAN QIAOXZX ~
Come, say it with me girls ~  Lan.. qiaozxzx  ~ .. GOOD ! I LIKE !
Now, the special thing in SHEENA'S 101 book, it is, every vulgur, need to say with slang.
End it with a " zxzx " or " z " . Its not the ahlian style okayzx. Its the ANG SHEENA style! Woo !

Remember to practise it when someone called you when you feel irritated or you feel like using it to answer someone. (: Good luck-er !

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