Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Techniq 1 : How do you revenge when someone makes you angry ?

Today is sibei suey lorhzx.
It was during chinese lesson, everything was fine. THEN HOR?!
Brina Koh and Audrey Lum go draw me for no reasons loh, wa lau !
Brina drew me until so real, I like !
Audrey is the one. She drew me like-a sei8po. KAOZX !

So, I pointed middle finger at her and ignore her at first. Cause I was so pekchek !!
Then I went next to her and scratch my butt for her to see.
She was totally disgusted and was afraid.
I doubt she will try every again.

So, do try it if you are bullied whatsoever. =)

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