Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Word 2: Chee bong

Oh hi manzx! You know whats chee bong?! HAHA Don't tell you! :P

Okay lah, chee bong is another meaning of chao chee baizx. Yep!
The one I always fed up with when my da yi ma come ! So irritating norhzxz !

So, chee bong is use to scold people in ANGSHEENA'S dictionary but not for pee pee oh!
There are too many lianzx and bengzx fail using CHAO CHEE BAI or LAO CHEE BAI.
Or whatever baiszx, they are bai chi lor ! Cause ANGSHEENA is the creative one here loh !

Example :

Ben: Haha, sheena you look like dog.


Yep, thats right ! Chee bong. C-H-E-E B-O-N-G.
Remember to end your cheebong loud and end with a '!' okay!
Must say it with excitement, and don't forget to smile when you use it.
If you kena hantam by people then not my problem loh !!!!!!!! ~

Word of wisdom : Practise make perfect.

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