Sunday, September 26, 2010

Symbol 1 :  _|_

Right! Use this live, with your fingers when you don't feel like using ANGSHEENA's word loh !

Point it to whoever you want norhx

When ?
When you feel like it lor

Ka ni na, ask stupid question sibo ? USE YOUR BLOODY FINGERS LA.


Examples :

Brina : SHI NA!
Sheena : _|_

Cassandra : Use your ANGSHEENA's 101 method la!
Sheena : _|_

Although I know its sibei rude but I LIKE ~
So who cares manzx, use it loh, just use it.

Oh, but to those tiong sim fans of ANGSHEENA's 101,
if you have this middle finger that is more than ring size 15, don't point.
Its ji embarrassing de lorhzx. Ying wei lao niang de middle finger is 10 er yi loh.
So please don't diu wo de lian.
Sorry but too bad lorhzx ~

Especially my tiong sim fans : Jia Ling and Cass buey song.
Its not recommended for you 2 loh.
I think you 2 just use ANGSHEENA's word or technique, don't point loh!

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