Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Word 3 : DAO JIO

In a Hokkien saying, dao jio = jio cheng. Simple enough, is soya sauce. (:

I simply love soya sauce as its my daily side dish.
My mama always cook food till sibei plain lorzx, so bo bian I needa need some chiam.

Yep! Its an edible thing, BUT!!!
IN ANGSHEENA's dictionary, dao jio is simply a word, with doubt.
Don't understand horzx?! Lets see some examples :

Alan : Oi pat jiao !

Sheena: SIMI DAO JIO~~~~~~~?!

Remember, pull your 'jio' long long. At least 3secs oh!!
But if you can tahan for more than 3secs, hold your breadth and don't end the word !!!

Oh, remember to whom you are saying it to loh!
If its a sibei tam jiak person,
they will sure grab you and ask where got dao jio to eat lorzxz !
I know its just a word, but simply take precautions ogeyzx?!
Any after-use effect is bo wa eh tai ji lorhzxz!

Okay, final practise, 1 2 3..

Word of wisdom: Hold your breadth.

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