Friday, September 24, 2010

Word 5: Sei8po & Sei8gong

Alright babehs ~ I know today's word is abit hard to pronounce, but no worries manzx !
Its not difficult to ANGSHEENA at all !!!

Okays, simple enough, 'po' is wife in hokkien& chinese. Practically meaning, female.
'gong' is husband in hokkien& chinese. Practically meaning, male loh..

'Sei' is die in cantonese. 'Si' is for hokkien. 'Shi' is for chinese.

Now, '8' here is not read as eight. It is read as, pak.
Remember, 'pak'. Not 'ba'(chinese) or 'bueh'(hokkien).
'Pak' is cantonese. Okays?!

CAN MANAGE ANOT!? Ai yoh, kek sim leh..
Okay lah. Lai ! Slowly okay.

How to pronounce ?
Sei >  See - eh
8 > pa- kkk
po & gong  > po3 & gong1  (numbers are the pinyin)

How and when to use?
You can say it when you are dam pekchek w some morons.
& can also say by describing somebody (:

Word of wisdom : Pronounciation is the key in ANGSHEENA's dictionary.

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