Thursday, September 30, 2010

Technique 8 : How to take serviettes fast and easy?!

Yoyoyo! Today marks the day of graduation.. I will miss my fellow classmates ='(
I hope you guys love the letter, money and tissue yeah!? :D
We will still be friends no matter where we go next year loh !

So, morning met fat classmates at j8 mac lor.
Hmm, so I ate hotcakes meal! (= I like!  ^^
Chua sai loh, sibei budget manzx. Shopping centre 10am then on aircon,
mac also budget don't on all of the aircon. BIANGzxz !

Go to the self-take place and took peppers, straw ..
But hor ! Kena caught by Brina Boing loh !
She saw me open the serviette cover and take >10 serviettes out. Hehe..

Then she suan me loh, she say short cut ah?! Wa lau..
Na ni ke yi jiang say lao niang?! lao niang like it can alr okayzx.

Well, you guys can follow my steps and take ur serviettes asap too !
Don't care anyone looking anot ! If anyone spot you, just say,
bo lang will meh luh eh ! MUAHAHAHAH

Word of wisdom : Scared simi?!

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