Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Word 10 : 为何?!

Oh guys ! Sorry for not blogging uh !
During Monday last paper went eat chompchomp with classmatezx. (=
& had a long long walk to another part of serangoon lor..
So tired !! Then reach playground, play swing & chitchat . (=
I hope the next gathering at 21Oct will be better ! I like!! ^^

Anyway hor, today's word is abit China slang la ! But its still from ANGSHEENA's Dictionary(=
Yep! 为何 means like.. why? or .. yeah, why lor ! >.<

You guys know when to use it ? Examples :

Brina : Shi Na, I cannot go out w u today..

Sheena: 为何?!

Remember , the slang is super super china. No singapore or Malaysian slang okay! cheena  abit !
Heres how to pronounce it ! : wei herrrr ? (=

Its abit creative lah ! I know ! Cause all those chao ah bengzx and lianzx will just say,
" simi lanjiao ?! "

So, we need to be more educational and graceful. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!
Thats why we learn , "为何?" and say it in a very graceful way and most importantly..
make ur eyes small small and eyebrows down. OKAY?!



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