Thursday, October 7, 2010

Technique 9: What time should you report to school for examination if you dislike that subject?

Oh manzx ! This technique already my bff use liao loh ! But my one more 可爱!
So yeah, it was a terrible tuesday. )=

Hais! Maths Paper 1 in the morning. Fucker narturn sia, alot do wrong ! KaninaPuey ! )=
Its okay lor, forget it. Over liao. Anyway I going Higher Nitec next year ..

After maths paper, went over to J8 eat eat then slack slack. Smoke then don't have la ! :P
Around 1.30pm walk home lor, wanted to take a nap but.. I forget but I do too. -.-

DING DONG! 2PM ! Eh, not that freaking 6korean guy band okayzx.
Its my History paper ! HAHAHA, So I started to take lift and slowly shake wo de 屁股 go school lor !
Wa, 那个Brina koh, still can call me to buy bubble tea first then go school. Siao !
I lazy walk back lor.

So I reached around 2.05? (=
Sit down for 10mins only, go lala land liao. :P

Now, you guys should do the same method as ANGSHEENA as I really see no point to report early and later have to sit until your 屁股 pain lorzx!

Word of wisdom : Be smart !

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