Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hi guys, it's Brina, the admin for Sheena's 101.
Yeah, I'm finally on set & not shina's dog by being her secretary ! HAHAHA
So yeah, you guys should know her birthday is somehow 0.5hrs later ~

Well, I've gone round asking people about what they want to wish Shina on her very 18th birthday.

So, let me start off, drumrolls please :D .............

" Happy 18th Birthday Shina! You should be happy that you've grow tall enough till this birthday. (: So, you've grow another year older, & 18th is the end of teenagers range. Hope you can be more mature & not playplayplay everyday.. I love your lamelame jokes, cutecute small-like-sesame eyes, china slang & kp attitude. Everything you do is like dam funny to me, especially when you get shy easily. :D // This year will be tough for everyone, so you need to work harder & to be able to go poly kay! I believe your mum will be dam proud of you. This year you'r acting funny, sometimes cold & hot. Anyway, I love those memories we spend together, be it short or long period, in or out of school. Everytime I'm with you is equals to laugh-till-I-can-DIE thingy.. I still hope I could see the cheerful Shinajiejie with never ending vulgurities & sibei lame jokes. Must take care & remember me for life kay. (: I'll always ai ni oh~ cause you'r so cute to me. TEHEEE ^^ " -Love, Brina.

So, these are the fellow friends of Shina, wishing her all the best, 
Starting off with Shina's lover..

"OOOOOOOOOOOOO~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY QIN AI DE SHINA~ Give you qin qin ooh! muahmuah! hehehehehe " -BHB Linh

" *OM NOMNOM* Ops, whats up Brina! Want chocolates? ....... Oh,.. Shina? Oh!!! haha~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINA! TIME TO HAVE SEX! " -Greedy Julia

"Happy 18th Birthday Sheena! Stay happy! :) " -Valerie

" Hihi!! Er, Happy birthday shina~ Do well for O'lvls! *snort*" -Pathetic Jane.

" O-O* Interview me for what?! ....... Oh~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEENA!!! LETS SCORE FOR O'S! :D " -Excited Audrey

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEENA~ WOOOO" -Self-excited Farzana& Carin

" Don't disturb me la .. what?.. huh? U nothing to do? -.- " -Annoyed Zenia


"Fuyoh! Se mo lai de? Shina b'dae? Orh, she 18th ah? happy birday lor.." -Kp Mosheng

"Wu liao leh ni! Anyway, Happy Birthday Shina! V ^^ V " -Act Cute Zhiyao

"Yes Brina ? .. Sheena? She always say I stink... but I still hope the best for her (: " -Poor Sashi

" *Hitler-kill-Nathan-&-plan-to...* OH! Brina! WHAT U DOING?! Crazy?! *diao @ me & walk away..* " - Depressed Nazirein

" Er, Happy Birthday sheena~ herherher~ *lao hong* " -Nervous JingLong

"Yes speaking, can I help chuu ? Oh, regarding Sheena's upcoming birthday? Well, Happy Birthday Shina, I hope u will get tremendous results for O's & ..." -Naggy Joycelin. ( conversion were half removed, sorry)

" Yea? Oh Happie Birthday man !!! " -Crazy Richard

" Please, get lost, I'm going to the toilet. *push me away* " -guailan Shantani

"HAA!?! SIMI DAO JIO?! SHINA? HOPE U PASS YOUR HUMANS~ " - Highpitch Hanjie ( my ears are half deaf after that)

"Why interview me again.. u really going show Shina meh?.." -Still annoyed, Zenia

"BRINA! WO HAI MEI JIANG WAN!!! " - Naggy Joycelin again ( I ran 50m straight)

"Sian ah! She ah, forever making funny sounds in class! Eeeeediot ah ! I hope she work hard for O's anyways!" -Lois

"Yes? please go back to your seat. Huh? Interview? Don't play go & do your work ." - Stupid MaryToh

"I will just say she will be free from punishment tomorrow.." -Harbao

Lastly, Happy 18th Birthday Shina! Spend your birthday with your love ones today ! :D

* Nothing are meant to be an offense. It is part of entertainment & cuteness.

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