Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Word 12 : What the fuck euu want?!

HIIEXZXZ Guys and galszxz~ Ang is back in action norhzx! Shyxzx >.<*
Sorry for MIA lika long, cause laobu everyday run! 
Either eat frog porridge, jiu shi stingray. I'm lika busy woman manzx! 

So ya, behsically, Today's lesson is quite common but remember the 3 important points.
The FAT technique. HEEHE. This hor, i create this year de leh!!

(HAHHAHA sibei kewlzx right! I'm lika smart lor, like that also can. ^^)

So, " what the fark you want " is used when
someone kp & irritatingzx calling you for no fking reasons.
Like my classmate, Chan momo. Bloody fker!! Everyday call lim bu 's name.
Then laoniang have to reply, " WHAT THE FARK YOU WANT?! "
Cause i'm so annoyed & .........annoyed lor. Sowwie ah, vocab limited >:

Neeways, when you use this sentence, remember the FAT!
Must have the guai lan look. 
Eyes AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE like the thickness of the 50cent coin. (<2mm recomended)


use ur right hand & mess ur hair!
So u will look lika fan u know?! So the farkers will just stfu lor! :D

Of course must loud & clear right.. 
BUT!! When you say the word "fark" remember to tone down!!
If not Harpal korkor walk pass will catch u de!!! 
So its like.. " WHAT THE ...fark.. EEUU WANT?! "

So peeps! Know how to use " WHAT THE FARK EUU WANT?! " already?
Use it now! To your friends, teachers & principal! :D

ANGSHINA signing off naozxzx~ AI WO YI BAI NIAN OH!! 

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